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“Where can I buy a Velox Freestanding or Brick-In letterbox?”

Visit out Stockists page for a list of stores or right here in our SHOP.

“The hardware store doesn’t have the colour/style I am after, what can I do?”

Many of the major chain hardware stores like Bunnings or Mitre 10 have special order counters where you can request specific colours and styles from our range, regardless of whether or not they are a frequently stocked item.


The store will then order it in especially for you or you can order right here from our SHOP.

“Do I need to get a builder to install my Velox freestanding letterbox?”

It is not necessary to get a builder to install your new freestanding letterbox, as there should be an included instruction sheet with details on how to assemble the box yourself.


The parts are quite simple to assemble, though we do advise cementing the letterbox into the ground to keep it in place.


This can be easily done yourself, by digging a hole to the required depth and purchasing some quick-setting cement (follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using the cement).


If you have lost your Velox Freestanding instruction sheet, click on the link below to download a copy of it:

"I have misplaced my letterbox keys. What can I do?"

Our Brick In boxes have keys adhered to the top of the box.


These can occassionally get forgotten and built in so remind your builder to remove them first.


If they are lost or accidentally built in, a call to us on (02) 4276 1565 maybe able to resolve your problem.

“How do I get a quote on a bank of letterboxes?”

To request a quote on a bank of Velox letterboxes, please have the following information ready:

  • the number of boxes required and their configuration (ie. 12 boxes configured as 2 rows of 6 boxes, etc)
  • whether you want the boxes to be back or front opening
  • whether you want locks installed in the boxes or provisions for padlocks
  • whether you want to include a parcel shelf or body corporate box in your configuration
  • whether you would like a mid bronze anodized, natural silver anodized, or powder coat finish (and which colour from our range)
  • whether you intend the Bank to be fitted to a wall, built into a wall or freestanding (requiring our exclusive support system)
  • how you want the boxes to be numbered

Once you have decided upon the above specifications, give us a call on (02) 4276 1565 or email us at

“Is it possible to get custom boxes made to my specifications?”

Because we manufacture our products onsite, often we are able to make adjustments to suit your needs.


Give us a call on (02) 4276 1565 to discuss your specific requirements.

“If there is a problem with my letterbox, what can I do to get it repaired?”

Because all our letterboxes are made locally here in Port Kembla, you can purchase parts for any of our boxes.


A call to our office on (02) 4276 1565 should resolve your problem quickly.

“I live by the beach, is there a specific type of finish that will stand up to the salty air?

Aluminium does not rust.


However, it can develop erosion, or “pitting” with long exposure to salt spray, so we recommend a powdercoated or anodised finish in this type of area.

“Are you able to diecast other objects?”

Yes, check out our partner company J. Bazzano & Sons’ website at